I am Ray Brown, a student at the University of Mississippi pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics. I grew up in Houston, Texas and have been working in clay since I was 12 years old.

I make utilitarian pottery with the intent to provide the user with an entrance into a memorable and contemplative experience.

Crafting works that are soft, inviting, generous, and strong, I wish for the user to leave with a sense of thoughtfulness and ease of use. I am interested in the color, atmospheric quality, and contemplative, quiet mood of work by J.M.W. Turner, as well as the whimsical, energetic line work and pattern from German Pennsylvania slipware. Using a combination of hand building and wheel throwing, I wish to achieve cohesive, simple forms, while combining them into complex, stacked compositions.

Both in considering surface and form, I pay honest attention to inhaling, pressurized volume, hidden and obscured areas of mystery, as well as an overall playful feel while compelling the user to observe and pay honest attention. Overall, through playing with proportion, surface, and color, I hope to create a tactile and visual experience that prompts the user to slow down.